When you hear the word “artist”, instantly what’s coming to your brain is paintings, singers, songs, statues and stuff. But art is something that is not limited to a one frame. It runs around anything. You can make anything in to an art. It doesn’t matter you are a cook, you can master the art of cooking, cutting vegies and garnishing is an art. As well as the items that you are going to use in your artistry has no limit or category, it can be anything. For a statue artist, it can be mud and water, while for a music producer, it is the keyboard that the first notes of a great song being born. Likewise, there’s no restriction that says if you are an artist you should use the particular items in creating your art, this can be mostly seen in the music industry where artists use day today items to produce musical sounds.


Think you’re someone who thinks that you can make beautiful stuff with the use of day today items we are using. Or with the use of original commodity, you can produce something entirely different and alluring. For this, you don’t need to buy expensive materials, but go for cheap things, just like you can try used wine barrels for sale, to make whatever art you’re mastering. People love to buy things which are self-made, and the market for that is really high so if you are willing to sell your creations, most probably, that would be your motive, you can sell them for really good price. And can make it a great way to earn well. Check this link https://www.giftfactory.com.au/product-category/barrels/ to find out more reviews regarding use wine barrels.

Part time

Are you someone who goes to school or college, then I don’t think I should remind you about the expenses you have to pay for your studies. College fees, money for the stationary, research money and what not you have to deal with. And if you are someone like, a house wife or someone who’s retired from the jobs or an entrepreneur, then I’ll tell you what is the best way to earn some extra cash on the side as a part time job. You can sell the creative stuff made by yourself, it doesn’t have to be big or anything. You can decide what it is with the time you have left. If you are a college student you can make greeting cards, engraved beer stein and sell, and if you are a retired one, then you have all the time in the world to create nice things using unexpected materials like oak barrels to your art.

The Promote

You can promote your art with the use of online, by posting pictures of it in social media and advertise it. People always love to buy stuff online because it’s easy and have a wide range too choose from. So that, if you are planning to do something like this, it is good for yourself as it is boosting your artistic abilities as well.