If you love horse riding or ever imagined to ride a horse in your life let me tell you that horse riding for women may not be very comfortable in day to day wear dresses. In order to have proper fun while riding a horse, an individual needs to be in proper horse riding attire which include many things like, Riding boots, riding jackets but most importantly riding breeches. Why I said riding breeches is because you can ride a horse in summer without a jacket wearing your polo shirt but without breeches, your experience is never going to be the one you have expected or imagined. As far as the comfortability level is concerned while riding a horse it cannot be achieved without wearing breeches but the question arises is where to find the best quality breeches for women in the desired color, size, quality, and most importantly affordable price.

Well, some people confuse riding breeches with tights which is definitely not the case as breeches are specifically made keeping the horse riding in mind, therefore, the fabric is used where necessary so that every move of the rider leg can be felt by the horse for better riding experience. Breeches are designed in a way so that fabric does not rub and stick right with the skin to avoid skin rashes. Most of the material used to make ladies riding breeches are stretchable as it allows the rider to move freely as well as sit and ride comfortably. Another unique characteristic of riding breeches is that it fits perfectly in long riding shoes. You can choose breeches colors/designs as per your riding style so for example, if you are in the mood of “Hunter Classes” you can wear Beige, khaki or grey. 


If you think that the fabric choice is limited when it comes to breeches I am afraid that this is absolutely not correct as breaches can be found in many materials the most common are cotton or blend cotton but the problem with this material is that they absorb moisture and your breeches would get wet. A good quality fabric called microfiber is trending when it comes to breeches as it does not absorb moisture and keep you dry while enjoying your riding session. Now, as far as winters are concerned there is a vast range of breeches material to keep the warmth maintain while riding by great thermal protection. Brechees are also not size limited so you can easily choose the size you want ranging from pant size 2-4 to 18-20 which is breeches size 24-40. For more information, please log on to https://www.giddyupgirl.com.au/riding-gear